Sun Shrimp are Pure Shrimp.


We Never use any Medicines, Antibiotics, Hormones or Preservatives.

Our shrimp have a sweet, clear, firm yet crisp taste.

Many of our chefs tell us that this is what shrimp used to taste like.

Sun Shrimp are very healthy and good for you. Naturally a low fat food.

Sun Shrimp are hatched, grown

and harvested in Florida, USA

Sun Shrimp are 100% natural.

They are cultured without the use of any chemicals, medicines or preservatives.

Using Science to go back to Nature

Sun Shrimp are not only delicious, they are also one of the best foods you can eat. We use no chemicals, no hormones, no preservatives, no medicines, no additives, no fillers, no antibiotics or any other type of non-natural substance when growing or processing our shrimp.

Nearly all shrimp marketed in the US today has been exposed to many "treatments" in growout and processing. Use of antibiotics and chemical preservatives are common and widespread.

At Sun Shrimp, we do not use any of these treatments because our systems are designed so that we do not need to. Rediscover what a clean shrimp really tastes like.




Sun Shrimp are always

Fresh - Never Frozen

Available Anywhere in the U.S.

within 24 hours of harvest!

Fresh is Simply Better

Fresh Shrimp are a rarity in the US today. Nearly all shrimp offered in the US are frozen, previously frozen or "refreshed".


Only Sun Shrimp are always Fresh- NEVER Frozen and available year round.

When our shrimp are harvested, they are immediately dipped in an ice slurry that humanely chill-kills them and ensures that their quality is preserved.

Our packing plant is located onsite and most of our shrimp are shipped to customers within hours of harvest.

Using air cargo or overnight shipping services, we can offer fresh shrimp to any restaurant or shop within 24 hours of harvest. Fresh Shrimp have an amazingly sweet, crisp taste.

If you want Fresh Shrimp you must ask for Sun Shrimp




​Sun Shrimp have no impact on the environment.

Feeding America and protecting our Environment at the same time

Sun Shrimp are rated "Best Choice" by Monterey Aquariums' Seafood Watch and "Recommended" by OceanWise, two of the leading seafood sustainability ratings organizations.

Using a closed, zero-discharge and bio-secure facility allows Sun Shrimp to grow shrimp with no negative effects on the environment.

Sustainability goes hand in hand with all-natural, fresh, minimally processed foods. At Sun Shrimp we use nature's biological processes to help grow, maintain and recycle our water and waste on a continuous basis.

Sun Shrimp are good for you, good for America and for the Planet.


Sun Shrimp are America's Shrimp


Restoring America's Seafood Independence

90% of seafood consumed in the US is imported. This is a direct threat to our nations food security, our health and our economy. America has to find a way produce more of its own seafood.

Sun Shrimp are proof that the US can produce its own shrimp, and do so at a level that makes Sun Shrimp one of the best, cleanest, safest, sustainable domestic seafood you can eat today.

Shrimp like it hot and Florida offers the best year round temperature in the US. Florida also has some of the cleanest and best water available for shrimp culture.

We have built one of the largest and most advanced shrimp aquaculture systems in use anywhere in the world today.

Our team of scientist work around the clock to ensure our baby Sun Shrimp have everything they need to grow nice and tasty.

All Sun Shrimp incorporate America's can do spirit. An American shrimp cultured by Americans for Americans.




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