How we grow Sun Shrimp

We grow our Sun Shrimp in a state-of-the-art facility on Pine Island, a small island located right off the Southwest Florida Coast.  We are right next to our better known neighbors Sanibel and Captiva Islands.

Our facility is fully integrated and includes an onsite genetic breeding center, a hatchery, grow-out greenhouses, packing plant, lab and support facilities.

We use completely untouched well water from a salt water well that draws its water from the surrounding mangroves.

It all starts with our Breeders

We use specially selected broodstock parents to breed our shrimp. Parents come from a special line of very strong disease free and beautiful, healthy families.

Sun Shrimp are pennaeus vannamei and are also know as Pacific or Ecuadorian Whites. Native to to Pacific coast off Ecuador, p. vannamei are by far the number one cultured shrimp species world wide.

Our genetic selection program uses advanced DNA based paternity selection programs to help us select the best tasting, growing and strongest families.

We hatch our own shrimp

We are one of the few farms that has its own genetic center and hatchery. This allows us full control over our baby shrimp (post larvae or PL's).

One female can spawn between 100,000 to 400,000 eggs per spawn. Over her life time she can spawn as many as 5 million eggs.

It takes about one day for the eggs to hatch and then over a period of about 3 weeks they metamorphose several times and turn in to small baby shrimp ready for stocking into our grow-out system.

The post larvae shrimp in this video are about 3 weeks old and ready for stocking into our grow-out tanks

We Baby our Shrimp

Shrimp like it hot, and there is a reason why we call them Sun Shrimp. We use the Florida Sun to keep the water nice and warm year round.

We also make sure the water has plenty of dissolved oxygen, salinity and that the shrimp have plenty of food available at all times.

It takes about 150 days after stocking to grow our extra large Sun Shrimp.

During this growout period our team ensures that our shrimp are always comfortable and stress free. This way they grow fast and we do not have to use any medicines or antibiotics.

Using Nature's Process

We use a "heterotrophic" culture system. This means that we balance our water with the animals. We encourage the growth of flora and fauna that not only help maintain proper water quality but also provide valuable nutrients for our shrimp.

This technology allows us to use very little water, as most of the water stays in our culture tanks during the whole grow-out cycle.

This technique also helps us keep our water very clean and minimizes any effects from possible bad bacteria or viruses. We use nature itself to keep our system in balance and do not need to use any medicines, hormones or antibiotics.

Chill Harvest Ensures Optimum Quality

When the shrimp reach harvest size, we quickly harvest the shrimp by dipping them into large totes filled with freezing ice water. The cold water immediately and humanely kills the shrimp. In addition, this process rapidly cools the shrimp to right above freezing temperature which maximizes and preserves their fresh quality and flavor.

Our fully certified onsite HACCP packing plant is just minutes from the production greenhouses and freshly harvested are quickly prepared for shipment.

Farm to Table

After harvest, Sun Shrimp are quickly graded and processed for shipment all across North America.

We offer whole shrimp, de-headed shrimp and Peeled and de-veined shrimp.

Treat yourself next time you are in the mood for the best tasting shrimp. Ask for Sun Shrimp.

What pure shrimp are supposed to taste like.

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